Working Equitation

A fun way to train seriously!

Working Equitation is an internationally recognised sport that has arrived from Europe in 2007. Working Equitation is one of the world’s fastest growing equestrian disciplines, already proving very popular in the eastern states. It is an exciting sport that combines the precision of classical dressage with the speed and agility of cattle cutting. With a bell to ring, a gate to open and obstacles such as a slalom course, a bridge and a jump to negotiate, there’s no time for horse or rider to get bored. At the highest levels, it is also a thrilling spectator sport which has gained an enthusiastic following in the countries where it is practised, such as Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Italy, France and the UK.


What is Working Equitation?

Working Equitation is a four phase competition: dressage test, an obstacle course demonstrating style, an obstacle course ridden at speed and a cattle penning test using the garrocha pole. At the highest levels, all phases are ridden with the reins in the left hand.

Australian Working Equitation has eight levels, all very progressive to instil confidence, harmony and partnership in both horse and rider. We now have a National body to oversee the sport’s development and are also associated with the World Association. In nearly every state there are training days and competitions, which are all well attended. For more information about the rules and levels go to:
Working Equitation in Australia

Because Working Equitation tests the versatility, functionality and harmony of the horse and rider, it fits neatly into daily training. The development of skills, based solidly along classical dressage training, is suitable for all breeds. Australian riders from diverse equestrian disciplines are embracing the sport to add another dimension to their training. While still in its infancy here in Australia, we have been introduced to the sport by Gill Kennerley who resides in NSW. Gill has spent many years overseas, most notably in the UK, training and organising Working Equitation at the highest levels. Gill has been busy promoting Working Equitation in the eastern states. Gill has also brought Pedro Neves (WE expert) to Australia from Portugal to work with interested riders already embracing the sport. Sr J. Duartes, President of the World Association of Working Equitation judged over in East in 2015 and also conducted clinics in various states, including WA.  Australia also hosted Eduardo Almeides from Portugal during 2015.  I was fortunate enough to clinic with both these knowledgeable people.

Interested parties can also find many more exciting videos clips on the internet to whet their appetite for Working Equitation – the fun way to train seriously!