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First time on horseback - age 4 - New Hampshire

First time on horseback – age 4 – New Hampshire

My passion for horses started from a very young age. I cannot remember when I have not loved everything about each and every one of them.

My first experiences over 50 years ago were with hunters, then western sports, in- hand work and dressage. I soon realised that “dressage” is the root to all aspects of our horsemanship and riding. It is clear, logical and progressive. And that adhering to the principles of “classical dressage” sets both the horse and rider up for success in whatever aspect of the sport they choose to enjoy.

Add in some jumping, agility work, trail riding, obstacle courses and you have achieved a well rounded combination.

Morgan Hunt Seat class- Sue & "Sweet Pea" enjoying the show 1985

Morgan Hunt Seat class- Sue & “Sweet Pea” enjoying the show 1985

Formal qualifications include: BS in Animal Health & Agriculture, MS in Animal Nutrition, NCAS Coach, Working Equitation Trainer/Judge and RDA Coach. All of these various qualifications have enhanced my ability to approach working with the horse and rider in a “holistic” way. This is how “Holistic Equine” came about and the various services that I can offer riders of all ages and abilities. The multi-faceted approach often includes but not limited to: basic equipment fit, horse health, nutrition and management; rider position; horse & rider confidence and the application of aids and responses.

My goal is for all horses and riders to be confident, safe, relaxed and happy. You can even have FUN along the way.