Welcome to “Holistic Equine”.

In hand - Bunbury Breed Show

In hand – Bunbury Breed Show

As the name suggests, I offer a wide variety of services to enhance your riding experiences. My “Holistic” approach encompasses the rider, rider position and confidence level; the equipment used for the horse; the horse’s well-being, comfort, and nutritional requirements; and by doing so, assisting you to develop a long-lasting partnership that is enjoyable for all involved. As your journey commences, I can help fill in any gaps that show up along the way so that you and your equine partner feel safe, confident and positive about various activities and tasks. I also provide quality coaching to get you ready for your competitions, extend your knowledge base and prepare you and your horse for the next level.  

We love our bush riding.

We love our bush riding.

I am proud to offer safe, professional and friendly tuition from beginners to competition riders/handlers and everyone in-between. My many years of experience and formal education will help you and your partner achieve your goals.